Welcome to the Center for Physical Medicine and Pain Management, Dr. Janush’s office, where we provide compassionate care in the treatment of chronic pain.  


At the Center for Physical Medicine and Pain Management, Dr. Janush utilizes non-surgical multi disciplinary care, restoring function to people who suffer from chronic pain, arthritis, muscle and joint disorders, back, neck, and headache pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, sports injuries, and many others.


Dr. Janush has been serving the Montgomery, Alabama areas since 1996 as a specialist in physical medicine and pain management. She diagnoses and treats muscle skeletal, nerve, joint disorders and sports injuries.  


Dr. Janush brings her exuberant personality into her expertise in the care and treatment of her patients. She is concerned with all areas of recovery – medical, social, vocational and quality of life. She evaluates the acute and chronic problems and treats the whole person until he or she returns to optimal functioning, usually without surgery. In addition, she also teaches the patient how to prevent future injuries and helps the patient pursue wellness.  


Dr. Janush offers extraordinary attention to each patient’s needs. She looks for the relationship between the symptom and the complaint to untangle the diagnostic problem. Her compassionate care focuses on how she can best help her patients to achieve optimal health and maximum function.


"If you are dealing with pain and uncertainty, the day you go to Dr. Janush is the day your life will change.  I had been to so many specialists I couldn't count them all.  Nobody could pinpoint what was wrong with me and eventrually has me convinced that I was a hypochondriac. I went to Dr. Janush and she gave me an EMG test and discovered I had previously been misdiagnosed.  In just a short time, she found what had plagued me for years and sent me to a surgeron who corrected it.  Dr. Janush has been a source of strength for me emotionally, ahs she treats you from head to toe, inside and out.  She has become a good friend.  I can never sing her praises enough.


- June, Age 50