About Us

"...advanced credentials, high objectivity, timely and appropriate patient care."


Dr. Janush has spent many years seeking excellent medical education to approach each patient with knowledge and dignity.  the areas of her training and interest allow her to uniquely diagnose and treat pain conditions.  Dr. Janush brings her exuberant personality into her expertise in the care and treatment of each of her patients.


Dr. Janush pays painstaking attention to each patient and his or her complaints.  She looks for the relationship between the symptom and the complaint to untangle the diagnostic problem.


Dr. Janush is concerned with all areas of recovery - medical, social, vocational and quality of life.  She evaluates the acute and chronic problem and treats the whole patient until he or she returns to optimal functioning, usually without surgery.  She also teaches the patient how to prevent future injuries and helps the patient purse wellness.




"I was in a bad accident about 7 years ago that resulted in a spinal injury and my doctor referred me to Dr. Janush.  She did a computer diagnostic right in her office and determined my problems. She is very thorough and explains things in language I can understand.  And she really cares about your complete well-being-physcially,mentally and emotionally.  She's kind to all her patients regardless of their race or station in life.  She's a super doctor and she's smart, and she loves people and it show through.  I really look forward to my appointemnts with Dr. Janush."


- June, Age 50